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Enter the URL of your existing XML sitemap and click . The XML sitemap will load ready for editing.

Toggle between XML Sitemap view and Edit Map view to edit the sitemap.

Uncheck pages you do not want to include. Edit LastModified, Change Frequency and Priority for individual pages, or increment-decrement for all by clicking arrows UpDown Enter filter terms, select Priority, Change Frequency etc from dropdowns and click Go to set all Urls containing filter terms to entered value. Click links to edit or add page Url's to the map. Click help icons Help in each section for editing instructions

Click Edit Demo for a walk through demo of how to edit the sitemap.

Click XML SiteMap to display the map

When it's correct, click anywhere in the Map view, right click and copy. Paste into notepad, save as sitemap.xml (UTF-8 Encoding), upload to your server and re-submit the sitemap to Google.

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