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Generate QR Codes for your Google Maps 'Place Page' or any page.

Enter any page URL and hit 'Create QR Code' to generate a QR Code image.
When scanned with a mobile phone, the phone browser will navigate to the page.
Watch the video below to learn about Google Place Pages, QR Codes and how to use them.
And check out Google Favorite Places

To find your Google Maps 'Place Page' and create the QR Code:

  1. Open Google Maps (new window).
  2. Enter your business name and address and hit 'Search Maps'. Not listed? Add Your Business to Google Maps
  3. Once you've found your place in the results list, click to go to your Place Page.
  4. On your Place page (the page you want to create the QR code to navigate to when scanned), click the 'Link' icon at top right of page and copy the displayed URL.
  5. Paste the URL into the URL for QR Code textbox and hit "Create QR Code" to create and display the QR Code.
  6. Click the displayed QR Code to check that it opens the correct Place Page (or scan with your phone)
  7. Right click the QR Code image, choose 'Save Image' or 'Save Picture'

URL for QR Code
QR Code Size

Check Navigation Click QR Code to check correct page navigation
QR Code

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