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Max entries in sitemap = 500
Url to map

Enter the base URL of your site and click The page will refresh (after a while) listing all URLs in your site.
Any pages that could not be loaded will be flagged. (Uncheck these entries) Uncheck pages you do not want to include.

Toggle between XML Sitemap view and Edit Map view to edit the sitemap.

Edit LastModified, ChangeFrequency and Priority for individual pages, or increment-decrement for all by clicking arrows.

Click XML SiteMap to display the map. When it's correct, click anywhere in the Map View, right click and copy. Paste into notepad, save as sitemap.xml (UTF-8 Encoding), upload to your server and submit the sitemap to Google.

Check 'Include HTML Map + RSS' before you create the map (to include page Descriptions) and click HTML SiteMap to create a HTML map of your site.

Select 'Check Images' to check all images found in your site. When the sitemap has completed, hit Check Images (below map) to download the images. Any missing images will be noted. Mouse over the list to display each image.

For a demo of how to edit a map, go to Edit Existing Map, load the Demo Map and click the Edit Demo button.

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